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Utilizar los números para crear increíbles obras de arte

Numberism es una técnica de dibujo único inventado en 2008, por la artista con sede en Portland, Sienna Morris. Ella usa los números y las fórmulas científicas para crear hermosas obras de arte.

Con 27 años de edad, Sienna Morris ha sido una pintora y diseñadora la mayor parte de su vida, pero realmente encontró su pasión en 2008, cuando inspirada por su obsesión con el tiempo y la pregunta sin respuesta de lo mucho que nos han dejado, empezó a dibujar las piezas utilizando sólo los números del reloj (1 - 12). Ella trató de capturar los momentos más hermosos de nuestras vidas y cómo son fugaces, recordándonos a todos a apreciar el presente, sabiendo que tiene sólo una oportunidad para hacerlo. Las primeras obras de Sienna fueron dibujadas a lápiz, pero a medida que empezó a crear las piezas más grandes a escala, se trasladó a marrón micras pluma (005), y más tarde a scratchboard, donde graba los números usando una cuchilla y termina con un lavado de tinta o acuarela .

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Sienna Morris created her Numberism Technique in 2008, originally drawing wonderful moments passing, using the numbers of the clock, 1 - 12. In 2010, she expanded her series into math and science, illustrating the natural world with its underlying data.

Sienna Morris is self taught in art and science. Each scientific numberism drawing is inspired by her personal research, which takes anywhere from a week to a year to complete. Her drawing time takes anywhere from a week to 7 months. She works under a magnifying glass and uses the smallest drawing instruments available, including pens, pencil, diamond tipped drills and exacto blades.

Her math and science series is inspired by her desire to learn and to show others the beauty of math and science.

Custom Numberism illustrations on paper, scratch board or glass are $2,000 a square foot, payable in instalments. Email her at Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo. to discuss custom pieces. These take months to create and additional months to research if the piece is science-heavy. Wait times for custom pieces are getting longer as Sienna becomes more busy. Expect at least 5 months completion.

First of all, thank you so very much for gifting my art for the holidays. I’m eternally grateful for your continued support and interest in my work, and for sharing it with your loved ones.

Below is some information about the art your giftee with receive and when you should plan to order the work to receive it in time for the holidays. If you have any questions, contact me through my website at

Where you can order prints, shirts and hoodies:

You can order my work online at or on etsy

You can also purchase art locally at the Portland Saturday Market every Saturday and Sunday and throughout the Festival of the Last Minute, where the market will be open every day from December 17th - 24th. You can find me in space 918

Your giclee canvas print will come with a description of the numbers and equations used. All canvas prints are stretched on wood bars and ready to hang, by using two level nails or screws. They are coated with 3 coats of UV glaze to protect from fading. Limited Editions come with a Certificate of Authenticity which includes the description, as well as a magnifying glass. Limited editions are stretched on gallery bars, which are about 2 inches thick, whereas the open edition canvas prints are stretched on 3/4” bars.

Canvas prints are shipped as a roll when shipped outside of the US and Canada.

Silkscreen shirts have the data printed on the back and the art printed on the front (made by ANOVA Print, who has a small geeky etsy site of his own stuff here) .

Ladies shirts are District Junior which run slightly larger than usual. We offer an XS for these cuts. Sizing Chart

Mens shirts are Port and Company, which run just a little larger than true. Sizing chart

I am offering Centaurus A Hoodies for the holiday season, which I’m really excited about. This galaxy’s coordinates, distance in light years and red shift are printed on the arm, along with useful equations for measuring such data.

Mens Hoodies are Port and Company- Sizing

Ladies Hoodies are Bella- Sizing

You can buy these on my etsy site in Mens and Ladies . I have ordered 3 each size, each gender of the Centaurus A Hoodies.


We use USPS Priority mail. Below is deadline information. We are a small arts business and will do everything in our power to get your geeky art in time, but if we pass these deadlines, there’s little we can do. Contact me with any further questions

Shipping Shirts and Hoodies:

My shirts and Hoodies are printed by ANOVA Print (from the Portland Saturday Market). I’ve placed my last large order for shirts and hoodies and will not be printing more in 2014, should we run out. Because of this, shirts and hoodies are first come first serve and we will not be able to print anymore once we run out. Any shirt or hoodie orders beyond my inventory will have to be shipped out in January. I apologize for any inconvenience. You can ensure your shirt will arrive by ordering it early.

Shipping Canvas Prints

We make all the canvas prints in house. To ensure your art arrives in time for holiday gifting, please allow time for us to print, glaze, stretch, sign and ship your art. The earlier your orders come in, the better.

US orders received before December 13th allow for print and shipping time.

International orders need to in by December 1st to avoid any delay.

The last day we can ship Priority Mail in time for Christmas throughout the US is December 20th *if we have the art in stock. By that time, if the piece is not in stock, we will contact you and ask if you’d like another size or another piece at your requested size, otherwise your order will arrive after Christmas.

Last minute shipping and overnight shipping is available at a fee *if we have the item in stock. Email me through the Fleeting States website with inquiries. If we do not have the item in stock by December 13th, we will likely not be able to print a new one, but we will do everything possible to get your art to you in time.

All art is shipped insured. Should you receive your art damaged, contact me to set up shipping a replacement.

The price of the art is not included with the art, so don’t worry about your giftee seeing sales receipt.

That was a lot of information! I hope this has been helpful to you. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Regular shipping information below:

There are certain times of year you will want to place your order early. Below is a break down of expected wait times throughout the year:

  • January - March : expect 1 - 2 weeks
  • April - May: 2 weeks
  • June - August- 2 - 3 Weeks
  • September - 2-3 weeks
  • October - 2-3 weeks
  • November - December : 3 weeks delivery (make sure to get your holiday orders in early! International orders need to be placed no later than the first week of December.

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