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Frans Mensink

Sí, nos encantan los dibujos eróticos, no tenemos muy claro por qué pero nos ponen a mil. Hoy os traemos a un verdadero artista de la materia, el gran Frans Mensink.

Y es que este ilustrador holandés es uno de los artistas más reputados en lo que a dibujos eróticos se refiere. Es el autor del genial cómic Kristina, queen of the Vampires, y de otros muchos títulos de similar calado. Obras de arte de papel que además de entretenerte, activará tu lado más lascivo.

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Meet the Artist

In 2009 I've been working as a freelance illustrator for 20 years. I work together with my wife, who does the basic coloring in my commercial work, amongst many many other things.

What can I do for you? 

I make fast and furious illustrations taylored exactly to whatever purpose you would want it for. For your company, or for private purposes. In case you need more than just an illustrator, I know people that can assist you with that.

If you have decided on what you want, I'll be able to visualize it for you, swiftly and uncomplicated. Because I feel it's important that an illustration fits the message its supposed to illustrate or better yet, enhance it, I'll adapt style and mood to give it maximum effect, whenever necessary. The internet is my way of keeping in close contact. I don't drive around to meetings because I want to work environmentally sane and safe

How to start? 

Please write me an email (my address in the menu bar to the left) with your detailed wishes, specifications of size and format and with necessary documentation attached, and I'll make you a free estimate of the costs. If you deem it essential that we meet in person, we'll set up a meeting. Otherwise we can communicate by phone, email or msn. Whatever suits you best.

What does it cost?

 Well, that depends on a variety of things. My basic hourly fee is 110,- €. A standard storyboard frame (A4-full color- 150dpi) costs about 120,- €. A standard visual (A4-full color-300 dpi) about 250,- €. Included are briefings and such. Not included are taxes or travel expense.

Most Jobs can be briefed easily by email and phone (or Skype) but if you think it requires my personal presence the necessary hours will be charged separately. 

Bigger jobs tend to be more cost efficient because they usually require less consultation and deliberation per frame or picture. Any price largely depends on what should be in the illustration, though. 

A mass scene filled with people, cars and technical equipment will, of course, take much more time than a single portrait on a simple background color.

What about discretion?. 

No pictures or information ever sent to me will ever be used for anything other than the commission or job it's intended for as documentation, or shown to anyone else but myself, unless it's requested explicitly in writing by the party involved. That's not a hollow phrase to me. I call it honor.

I hope you'll have the same fun looking at my erotic work as I had creating it, when you browse the site. If you would like to visit me, to model for me, to have a cup of coffee or tea while discussing a commission in person, here's where you'll find me on the map: routeplanning

Frans Mensink

RESUME: I work for companies and publishers of all sorts. Lots of ad-agencies, publishers of magazines, industries and others . For this EROTIC part of my site I'll just name the ones that have something to do with my erotic art. To protect the innocent so to speak. A complete overview of all other clients is listed in the business section(see my not so naughty site CLIENTS:NIOTRE Marketing AB (S) VUXEN (S) (via NIOTRE) PLAYBOY GERMANY (D) PASSIE magazine (NL) PASSIE for WOMEN ONLY magazine (NL) KIM HOLLAND (NL) ARISTOTLE (US) NBM Publishing Inc (US) TASCHEN Publishing (D) BLAST magazine and many many Private Commissions (names withheld)

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