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Chris Clor

Chris Clor es un fotógrafo estadounidense que realiza un acojonante retoque fotográfico, con mucho sentido del humor. Tras una buena cantidad de años, ha trabajado en el ámbito de la publicidad para empresas de la talla de Shell, Coca Cola, General Motors, Nissan, Discovery Channel, Pepsi, Chrysler... y un largo etc...

Em Maldito Insolente nos gusta y mucho,,,

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Nos dice Chris: I have spent over 30 years as a visual communicator. Beginning as a photographer and expanding my skill set with CGI, imaging, film/video/animation. My goal is to continually evolve and grow as an artist by combining these skills to create hybrid photo-illustrations. I have a solid foundation in analog photographic techniques, having spent the early years of my career working as both photographer and darkroom tech. I apprenticed with some of the best portrait photographers and color printers in the industry. I have refined a photographic style that has always been described as illustrative and continues to evolve now in the digital realm. I take full advantage of current technologies and incorporate these in my work-flow to provide my clients with high impact imagery. 

I specialize in photo illustration, working within the genre of conceptual, narrative, portrait, landscape photography and CGI rendering. I have also lectured on many aspects of photography, photoshop and the integration of CGI applications within the digital work-flow. I constantly experiment with new approaches that utilize current technologies both digital and analog to develop strong work flow and creative approaches to my work.

Chris Clor

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