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Galería de imágenes de la artista digital Ulyana Regener.

Ulyana Regener es una artista e ilustradoras autodidacta originaria de Rusia; actualmente viviendo en Suiza. Con un estilo muy particular, muy natural, en el que involucra detalles de naturaleza. Simplemente la calidad y el detalle hablen por si mismos.

Las ilustraciones de Ulyana Regener

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Todas las imágenes © Ulyana Regener

Ulyana Regener aka Selenada is a self taught artist, born in Russia. Her illustrations are very easily noticed through the stunning portraits from her portfolio.

Location: Current Residence – Switzerland.

Fields: Digital Art, Illustration, Photomanipulation – freelance artist.

Achievements: Many Commissions, Personal Work, Books Covers, Watercolor painting, Tutorials, Undisclosed Project.

Magic Art World shows here some selections of her digital painting. If you liked this post, feel free to comment or to appreciate with a “Like” or “Share”.

Website oficial de la autora: Ulyana Regener

Hey everyone :

I am still here, visiting and cheking up on things! Art is going alright, recently I am doing lots sketching in my sketchbook and on the compy, also working on the commissions, so there is lack of updates at the moment. It should not take too long untill I post something here again tho.

Recently I was invied to do an interview here Behind The Screens: Interview With Selenada so if you would like to know little bit more about me you are welcome to read it.

I hope everyone is doing fine

Have a nice time

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