Kleber Darcio

Escrito por Maldito Insolente el . Publicado en Arte digital y 3D


Galería de imágenes de la artista digital Kleber Darcio (kleber3d).

My name is Kleber’m 33 years old and work with 3D to 12 years.

I worked in major studios in Brazil, Uruguay, USA and Europe as a 3d artist and engineer. I am a generalist focused on modeling, lighting, shaders and render. Work for the gaming market, advertising and film. Currently a free-lancer, attend both the Brazilian market as the foreign market. Has publications in top journals and books in CGI and 3D art, winning the largest sites of CG specialist, such as CGTalk, 3dtotal, CGHub.

Website oficial de la autora: Kleber Darcio

Las ilustraciones de Kleber Darcio

45 imágenes

Todas las imágenes © Kleber Darcio

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