Elias Chatzoudis

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Elias es un gran ilustrador griego que va por libre y lo hace muy, pero que muy bien.

Elias Chatzoudis is an “outstanding” young freelance illustrator and graphic designer from Athens, Greece. He is best known for his illustrations of very “sexy” realistic and toon pinup girls, of which, he draws and renders with natural unadulterated talent. What I mean by natural or even pure talent here, is not meant simply by the way his drawings are maticulasly executed, but in the way he’s able to capture the essence of both character and pose with a great fluid style and clean graphic simplicity – remnant of Arthur De Pins’ works. His muse in all these creations is always his sister which give him the necessary poses needed to pencil sketch these sexy and erotic characters. The details and the added coloration is rendered in photoshop and illustrator.

His attraction to the magic world of the sexy female body grew out of curiosity. It is noted, Elias once drew the hilarious Jessica Rabbit on the wall next to his desk at school, since she was his favorite heroine at the time.

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