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Matt Hughes, es un talentoso artista norteamericano, conocido por dar lugar al Art Nouveau Gothic , un movimiento artístico que es la redefinición de la relación entre el espectador y el sujeto, entrelazando a ambos en un encuentro íntimo, compartiendo reinos oscuros y etéreo inmersos en la religión, la mitología, la muerte y la espiritualidad, la naturaleza humana y la maldad inherente.

"A través de mis pinturas intento de crear un lenguaje inherente a la emoción, la verdad, la mentira y experiencias comunes que inevitablemente conducirán al espectador a la reflexión personal y a una mejor comprensión de uno mismo. Utilizo este lenguaje como medio para aclarar mis propios demonios, me obliga a estar cara a cara con mi propia locura".

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An accomplished writer, artist and designer, Matt’s work has been shown in galleries throughout the world, and featured in numerous publications such as: Art Scene International, Dark Realms Magazine, Realms of Fantasy Magazine, Magical Blend Magazine, White Wolf Publishing, Heavy Metal Magazine, Mystique Magazine, and Wizard Magazine.  In addition, several collaborative publications have showcased his work, including Spectrum, Masters of Fantasy, How to Draw and Paint Fairies, Anatomy for Fantasy Artists and Creative Minds. In 2004, Matt’s illustration, “Boudicca”, appeared on the cover of a greeting card set given to the Lord of the Rings cast and crew at an After Oscar Party, and in that same year, he was honored as a Gallery Winner in the Society of Illustrators, LA art competition. In 2007 Matt was honored with Best in Show Award at DragonCon Convention and took the role of Art Show Judge the following year. 

Ingeniously blending the romantic aesthetic beauty of Art Nouveau with the dark concepts of Gothic art, painter Matt Hughes is best known for giving rise to Gothic Art Nouveau, a new art movement that’s redefining the relationship between viewer and subject, entwining both into an intimate rendezvous, sharing dark and ethereal realms immersed in religion and mythology, death and spirituality, human nature and inherent evil, ultimately leaving the viewer with a profundity of self-reflection and introspection.

Matt’s first book, “Metamorphosis – The Art of Matt Hughes”, published in 2005 by MG Publishing/SQP, sold over 23,000 copies internationally.  He soon followed in 2008 by publishing his second collective works, “Ethereal Visions – The Art of Matt Hughes”. Both are available for purchase through the artist. Matt is currently working on the development of two more self published books – one a collection of his most recent work and a collection of his writing.

Matt currently resides in Atlanta, GA with his wife and muse.

Through my paintings I attempt to create an inherent language of emotion, truth, lies, and common experiences that will inevitably lead the viewer to personal reflection and a better understanding of self. I utilize this language as a means to elucidate my demons forcing me to come face to face with my own folly of self. The symbolic nature of the elements helps to weave a deeper understanding of cultural influences that are not only self-relevant but also viewer-relevant.”

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