Vlad Gansovsky

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Gansovsky no es un fotógrafo para todos los públicos. Fetichismo no siempre refinado, BDSM, experimentos góticos con densas texturas de óxido. Sus desnudos no convencionales nos interpelan acerca de la estupidez de los cánones. Un experimentador de las emociones.

I was born in 1977 in the family of engeneers. My father was keen of Amateur photography. In my childhood he showed me the basic photography techniques . After that I didn?t get in tought with photography for a long time. But all the time I was trying to express myself in different ways. In the beginning I made paintings on PC, then I got interested in bodyart, (painting on a body). As far as bodyart ? is a perishable art I started making photoes of my works. And in this way in 1998 I got back to photography again. Step by step I made preference towards photography and even got interested in pure photography without any bodyart paintings. And up to 2000 I was fully concentrated on photography. In 2003 has entered Union of the art-photographers of Russia. While developing my skills I walked the way from simple admire of the form to emotional portaraits. I like to define individuality instead of hiding physical defects. I prefer non standard impressive models. I`m trying to paint a person?s inside world through visual characters. I call my genre “naked portrait”. I am interested in contact to art galleries, publishers and magazines

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